Then and now…

The 62 Bn Christmas Dinner was held in the Royal (Starlight) Hotel Bray on Jan 4th 2013. In the bar beforehand we recreated a photo first taken in 1975 of Pat Cuffe, Paddy Maher and Mick O’Toole. See if you can tell which picture was taken in 1975 and which is now!

The meal must have been designed to remind us of the dining hall all those years ago and the highlight, for me at least, was the dessert of jelly and ice cream served in the stainless steel bowl. I thought the GOC was about to visit we were treated so well!

Here are some photos of the evening.

One thought on “Then and now…

  1. It was really great meeting some of the old crew at the dinner in The Royal Hotel. The memories sure come flooding back. I suppose it is/was a little different for me in that I have not seen most of the old crew for far more years than most of you guys have. Memories can be triggered by faces, voices and even smells and aromas, however to relive the memories by engaging with someone there and then…. it’s far better than musing alone!. I was saddened in hearing about the passing of old buddies. To me it was just hearing about it in the hotel, of course you guys already knew about it and adjusted to the loss. May they all Rest in Peace.
    I was a bit disappointed in not seeing those people who did NOT attend in the Royal Hotel. I really was looking forward to seeing you people…. but sadly no. Maybe next time (before it is too late) – Finally a huge word of thanks to Mick O’ Toole for his efforts in finding me – Well done Mick and Gerry Paley.

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